Graphic: The Government of Kenya with UNCHR's support commenced registration of new arrivals in Dadaab. Julisha.Info is providing online information on the process. Source:Julisha

The Government of Kenya through the Department of Refugee Services (DRS) with support from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) on Tuesday March 7, 2023 resumed the registration of new arrivals in Ifo, Dadaab. 

The Government of Kenya's Department of Refugee Services (DRS) and UNHCR in Dadaab will work together to register all Persons of Concerns (POCs) in Dadaab refugee camps who have been profiled, don't have documents, and haven't been registered.

Here are the important thing you should know. This information has been shared by UNHCR in Dadaab and was last updated on March 1, 2023.

  • Registration started at Ifo Camp on Monday February 27, 2023, and everyone who has been profiled is expected to prevent themselves according to the schedule posted in public places and shared with block and section leaders. Please also check with the people in charge of your Block or Section to know the dates when you are expected to go for registration.
  • The aim of the 2023 registration of new arrivals in Dadaab is to make sure that the displaces persons in Dadaab refugee camps who have been profiled, those who do not have documents or are yet  to be registered are registered and biometrically enrolled.
  • The schedules for registration will be made public one week before the day of processing, and they will be shared through partners, camp leaders and the Communication with the Communities (CwC) networks in Dadaab.
  • Families will be scheduled to go for registration depending on how big their family is and the sections they are living in. Please come on the date you're supposed to. There will be NO CHANGE OF DATE (RESCHEDULING)!
  • Everyone who is 18 years old or older will have their nationality checked to see if they are on the Kenyan National Registration Bureau (NRB) register. This will happen at the DRS Office in your respective camp.
  • People who are on the Kenyan National Registration Bureau (NRB) register will NOT be registered.
  • The registration process be carried out on Mondays through Friday, from 8:00am to 3:00pm.
  • Please bring EVERY member of your family with you to the UNHCR Field Office to register.


You will need to carry the following documents when you are going for registration:

  1. Ration card
  2. Proof of Registration
  3. Official documents you have, such as a passport, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, a certificate of education, among others.

Once you have been registered, you will be given identification documents to enable you and your family members to access assistance and services provided by UNHCR and other partners.

  1. A new ration card
  2. A Bamba Chakula simcard
  3. Proof of Registration/Manifest
  • Profiling of new arrivals will continue every day, but ONLY in Ifo and Dagahaley.
  • Persons with specific needs will be screened at the vulnerability/protection desk to find out how they can get more support and assistance.
  • Please bring enough food and water for your family to last a day, since the process could take longer than expected.

This registration process is NOT for Kenyans. It is ONLY for other nationalities who are seeking asylum in Kenya. Article. 41(3)(a) of the Refugee Act of 2021 says that any Kenyan who is found guilty of registering as an asylum seeker or refugee will be fined Ksh 500,000 or sent to prison for 3 years, or both.

All services and assistance are free! If someone asks you for money, payment, or any kind of service, please report to UNHCR through these channels. Be assured that your conversation will remain confidential.

  1. UNHCR office near you
  2. Call the UNHCR Hotline at 1517, 0800720752, or 0715 693 578. 


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