Updated at: 2021/06/25


Information about living in Kenya; Information about local services; Information about where and how to get documents such as work permit, driver’s license, etc; Help renewing documents; An interpreter will go with you to help you access public service

Eligibility Requirements

All services listed are free of charge

Services are offered to refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of SGBV


Services also available through toll free helplines 0800720262 and 0701414978.

Calls can be made outside working hours, for urgent cases. Due to COVID 19, legal counselling is made by appointment by calling the helplines or by talking to RCK Protection Monitor.

An appointment can be made in person within the working office hours 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, by Call within the working office hours 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, by Email info@rckkenya.org, or by Calling +254 700865559.

Services are available without referrals.

Interpretation for Oromo, Somali, South Sudanese, English, and Kiswahili languages is consistently available at our premises.

Services are available in the following languages by phone interpretation - Oromo, Somali, South Sudanese, English and Kiswahili languages.

Female interpreters are available. 

The entrance to this location has a ramp.

This location has female staff. 

All services listed are free of charge. 

Services are available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5pm for Helplines. Monday to Thursday at RCK office at LWF compound and RCK office Kalobeyei. Thursday at RCK office in Kakuma.

This service is closed on public holidays. However, this depends on a case-by-case basis e.g., instances of emergency may arise. 

Feedback Mechanisms and Timeframe

Email, Phone call, virtual, or physical. 

Responses are as soon as possible


RCK office at LWF Compound. RCK office Kalobeyei, next to the UNHCR field post in Kalobeyei. RCK office in Kakuma 4, opposite Kakuma 4 Police Post.