Updated at: 2021/06/25


  • Application and issuance of registration certificate for self-help groups, including Urban Savings and Loans Associations (USLAS), Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs), and Community Based Organizations (CBOs).
  • Renewing of groups USLA/VSLA certificate of registration on annual basis.

Eligibility Requirements and Accessing Services 

  • No appointments required.
  • Eligibility differs per service.    
  • Some services are available on referral.                  
  • A proposed name of the group
  • Registration fee of Kes 1,000
  • Filled copy of registration form which is stamped by area chief.
  • Group’s minutes seeking registration.
  • Group constitution or by-laws or rules.
  • List of group members with names/identification numbers/telephone numbers/signatures
  • Copies of identity cards of all members
  • Three photocopies of every document
  • Two spring files                                               
  • Registered groups should submit quarterly progress report to registering authority and allow accessibility of records to registering authority upon request or demand
  • Registration is done by Social Development Officer at Lodwar
  • UNHCR offers more information and assistance on registration 


Lodwar, Kenya