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Updated at: 2023/09/26

Sikika provides an information and communication platform in Kakuma, Kalobeyei, and the surrounding host community. 290 Listener Groups are receiving a bi-weekly 30-45-minute-long audio program which is produced by refugees and members of the host community. 

Sikika covers the following topics and more: 

  • Health 
  • Wash  
  • Protection  
  • Education  
  • Sports  
  • Success Stories  
  • Environment/Weather/Climate 
  • Shelter  
  • Food/Nutrition  
  • Agriculture  
  • Public Service Announcements  
  • Refugee Rights  
  • Safety & Security 

Eligibility criteria

  • Every refugee and host community member can join a Sikika Listening Group.  

How services are accessed

  • To become a member of a Listening Group please contact the Head of Listening Group in your area.  

Physical location

  • Sikika has Listener Groups all over Kakuma, Kalobeyei, and the surrounding areas. The office is in Kakuma, Compound 3.  

Institutional feedback mechanisms and working hours

After every listening session, the groups discuss the program and content. They send feedback to the editorial room of SIKIKA where it gets analyzed and a new episode is produced accordingly.  

Contact Information


Kakuma, Kenya


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